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Between the hours of 11:30PM and 1:00AM of July 24/25th our community was AGAIN violated by thieves. There were at least 10 vehicles that these criminals made entry into and stole items from. Missing items included checkbooks, electronic devices, keys, and other personal belongings. The most alarming items that were taken are documents which contain personal information. NONE of these vehicles were locked!!! This is the second round of vehicle break ins that have occurred in Andale this summer. Statistics prove that the number one way to minimize criminal activity is lighting. I contacted Westar Energy after the first round of break ins occurred about getting additional street lights and area lighting in the areas of town that are currently without. They are also working to change out old street lights and install new LED lights which put out 3 times the light of the older ones. I know that no one wants to see this kind of activity in our quiet community. one way that each of you can help keep these criminals out of Andale is by simply flipping the switch and turning your lights. Turn on your porch lights and make sure that your security lights with motion sensors are working. Flip on the back porch light or the side garage light. Every light that is on is one less place for these guys to hide. If we all "LIGHT UP ANDALE" it will make a positive difference and it will make our community safer. 

Other measures to help keep our community safe:

1. Close your garage doors whenever you are not home or outside and especially at night.

2. Make sure that you lock ALL of the doors and roll up all of the windows on your vehicles, campers, and RV's

3. Install dusk to dawn photo sensors on your homes exterior lights or motion sensors.

4. Be alert! if you hear something or see someone  that just does not seem right then call 911. it is better to call and it turns out to be nothing than not call and a crime is committed.

Thank you all for helping make Andale a safe place to live and to raise our kids.

Jeremy Cawood

Mayor, City of Andale

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